Types of interior doors

13 July 2016

The choice on the market today is so diverse that it is sometimes very difficult to understand the types of interior doors. Walk into any supermarket building, you'll find there's plenty of models that differ in color, size, type of opening, etc.

The most conservative estimates indicate that today there are over one hundred different species and types of interior doors. Their classification is performed based on the materials from which they are made, as well as their structural characteristics. Try to understand what types of interior doors there are and how they differ from each other.

One of the most common classifications - by type coating doors. So, there are painted, veneered and coated artificial decorative coatings door panels.

The most expensive price segment up veneered leaf. Their surface is lined with a thin layer of real wood valuable species.

Do not look worse fabric coated with PVC film. Their distinct advantage - reasonable price and functionality. Painted doors require more careful treatment, however, they perfectly fit into the classical interior.

Another classification divides the types of interior doors on the way of opening (sliding, swing and folding). The most popular type - hinged doors, which are planted in the loop and open in one direction or another.

Folding fabric consists of several sections, which are formed like a fan. But the sliding door mounted on the chassis, on which they move right and left along the wall.

Types of interior doors in their design are divided into panels, framed and tsargovye. Constructed from the first frames and inserted into it by volume of panels, the latter - of the flat panels, by compression of the glued on frame bar (inside they have honeycomb filling) and made up of the third drawer side. The latter option is more young and modern, which has incorporated the best of old and new door assembly technologies.

Company "LDM" produces various kinds tsargovyh doors, which can be used as swing and as the sliding interior doors. High-quality, modern materials, sophisticated design, modern technology - all part of helping us to produce a quality product.

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